Are My Lenses Weather Sealed?

Well, not such a great start to 2016, we have been treated to twice the average amount of rainfall for this time of the year! This, along with illness meant I have been stuck in the house looking out of the window and wishing for brighter skies. That was until I decided some fresh air might help perk me up, it’s better than being stuck on the sofa watching Judge Rinder eh? So with this thought I packed my camera bag and headed for Causey Arch hoping the recent rainfall had caused a swell and maybe some photo opportunities. The rain at this time wasn’t too bad, a light drizzle but nothing serious and I wasn’t going to be put off. As I pulled up in the Causey Arch car park though the heavens seemed to open, I sat in the car for maybe 5 or 10 minutes hoping it would let up to no avail. So I grabbed the gear and set walking.

As I rounded the corner and headed down the stairs towards the river I began to see what I was letting myself in for, the usually calm flowing river was right up to the path and the current rain was turning my decent into a stream.


Reaching the bottom I found my first obstacle; The swell had caused the river to creep up onto the path a couple of inches, an interesting sight but nothing that would get my feet wet. The river here usually resembles a large stream, seeing it scale the banks, engulf trees and reach the base of the footbridge was quite a sight. I couldn’t see any photo opportunities yet though, far too much grey and brown.


Well, keeping my feet dry wouldn’t last long it seemed, as after crossing the second bridge I was confronted by this sight. Here the river was maybe 1m above it’s usual height (this is a wild guess), and I knew the footpath was under about 30cm of water. I walked along the grass verge until I had to cross, at this point I used a long stick to check my footing and I went for a paddle.


This is when I began to wonder about weather sealing on my lenses. I knew both lenses in my bag were properly weather sealed and would withstand getting a little wet in the rain, however the lens on my camera ( a Tamron 24-70 2.8 vc) I was not so sure about. Trying to recall the specs I decided to push on either way and attempt to utilise an umbrella I had with me to keep as much rain from hitting the lens as possible, to little success.



So I made it to where I wanted to be, the idea was to get a moody long exposure shot encapsulating the river and the bridge. However the view was really uninspiring and by this time I was soaking, my gear was soaking, and the cloth I use to dry my gear was also soaking. If my lens wasn’t weather tight it was certainly holding up well and showing no signs of leaking. The river here was fairly timid, still very high but this part is used to faster flowing waters.



Once I realised my attempts at a decent shot were futile I decided to head back via the bridge instead of going for a swim. I was slightly amused however that the staircase had decided it didn’t want to be a staircase today and would much prefer being a stream.



A bit of fresh air turned into a bit more than that, I was eager to get home and have a cuppa. I had stayed out longer than I should have, and ended up wetter and colder than I planned. But photography is about persistence, you’re not always going to get a shot worthy of a place in the portfolio, you may get something to blog about though.



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  1. Jo

    Wow! What a difference with a bit o rain!!!!


    Lovely photos! Love the staircase/stream

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